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Altercorp LLC/ KAUKAPITAL (Financial Consulting)

Jeremy Bel

We are a finance consulting agency based in Georgia with over 10 years of experience. We help establish all types of companies including but not limited to banks, financial organizations, start-ups, and investment firms, by providing maximum assistance with respect to banking, brokerage and other licenses, investments, accounts, and finances. We also help open personal and corporate bank accounts; provide information regarding tax-free zones in Georgia and resolve any kind of query on investment and finance in Georgia. We can Set up your own company in Georgia, Make an investment, Obtain a license, Open a corporate/personal bank account, De-localize, Acquire a casino or bookmaker license.

The Georgian economy is said to be the fastest growing in the region of Eastern Europe. Tax policies were formulated towards businesses to grow rapidly, reduce unemployment and feed the economy substantially. In Georgia, there is no corporate tax if you reinvest, however, 20% tax is levied if the profit is withdrawn. The designated Free Industrial Zones offer no tax on corporate income, import, properties and even no VAT. Income outside Georgian borders is never taxed. Relief from customs duties or VAT on importing raw materials for export can be had just with the help of an Internal Processing Customs Regime license. With all these, it won’t be a misnomer to call Georgia an emerging tax haven!
Georgia has the finest of climate for business-ease and has a wholesome marketplace for financial services and insurance companies.

Mr. Jeremy Bel is a Founder and CEO of Kaukapital in Georgia and Estonia. The firm offers services of Accounting, Corporate Services, and Financial Services to clients locally and abroad. Kaukapital has over 10 years of experience in advising businesses and individuals in the region in setting up financial services companies, assisting in approving bank licenses, brokerage license, etc.